Friday, January 29, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

dance class in jusco fitness embassy

YES! D'ONE dance academy (pasir puteh branch) have started teaching classes at Jusco fitness embassy
It's such a nice studio ..

First of all we'll be having:
break dance
hip hop
street jazz

Catch us if u are interested. All you need to do is to get your membership! Then u can enjoy all the facilities!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

150110 voodoo hip hop final competition

We have good news to bring you
This hip hop competition has been going on for quite some time.
4 auditions ..1 semi final ..and finally now, final ~

the teams for the night
1: blazin street
2: fire team
3: D'street
4: D'1 CREW

the solo of the night
1: kaze
2: hoshi
3: bboy soft
4:bboy crazy
5: sz chung
6: arthur
7:hon fee
8: elain

the group photo~all d'1 baby n fella

the champion of the group~!d1 crew

yeah~ 4 LOU SAI n the champion

the winners~

the solo champion n the lover

the solo 2nd runner up n d lover

the cup~~

wau~!good job guys

after the challenge~ makan n chui shui!!
the winner of the group
champion: D1 CREW
1st runner up : D'street
2nd runner up : blazin street
champion: kaze
1st runner up : elain
2nd runner up : sz chung
be one of us~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

020210 NEW BBOY GENERATION 1on1 battle


Don't play play. This fei-zai can break better than me!

Performance by D'Artiz

The Leng-Luis from D'Artiz!

Yee Ling ~~~ How can you not fall in love with her smile?

Our Judges

The champion!

First runner-up!

2nd runner-up!

Everyone is a winner.

Group Photo

Hope everyone's enjoyed this night and the battles! We shall organize more in the future.

D'One Studio ; Be One Of Us!

post and pictures : Jack

Thanks everybody for joining NEW BBOY GENERATION 2010 ..

cool bboys, cool moves, cool sharings..and thanks for those who came to help ..

jack (the photographer)

yeh foo ( the camera man)

yeh foong , hoe zai (the flyer man)

bboy soulless , bboy soul end(the judge)

aurther , meeyoong, yee, lenglui ,nikki, veron n her bf, jospeh, etc...(the audiance)

thx for the judge from kl ( juicy)

thx for the mc and my partner (aewen)

thx for those who came to support us..

another post from her..

your regards: yumiko