Wednesday, February 17, 2010

160210 cho 3..d'one studio visit family house

Oh well~ On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, we visited some of the d'one member's family.

We visited yumiko's house first but we forgot to take any pictures .so paiseh la~

After that, we went for lunch, then Vincent's house... We found out that his 2 brothers are quite pro in drawing!~
Nah~ This green green geh yeh he draw 1 lo

This other side is Vincent's brother's drawings

So funny~ Vincent has had an accident before CNY .. Look at his car... haha~perry will always be a poser~

Then, we went to Tasik to visit prince's family.. Take a look ~ His father really nice..
hahaha~and he kept on asking us to drink Carlsberg.

Ang Pao~~Thank you!

Then we went to arthur house.. Because his house has a bodyguard so we have to wait for everyone to reach, only can we go upstairs.. during that time.. everyone was playing and posing around at the carpark with Susan's car... hahah! Susan's car mou jor la!

After that, we went to Heng's house, our sifu ~
His house has quite alot of things to play.. PPS, mahjong, poker~ So many things to play!~
Everyone had so much fun there and didn't want to go back home..- =

Wai wai put a FEI on her head

Nice picture right?~

Every year, d'one visits all the member's houses but this year, the dancers have increased and many of their family were not at home.. Because of the lack of time, we din even visit all of them... YAM GONG~ so so much ..paiseh la..

Here, D'one would like to wish you a nice year.. and everyone DAI GOR ZAI /LUI la ~
Add oil in the future n remember to dance nice nice~hahha
be one of us ..
your regards: yumiko

Sunday, February 14, 2010

050210 performance at new HEI LOI DANG

u mau bagi duit ga? if not i zha u ga!

This monkey is already sick but is still so active. He said: the more sick I am, the more active I will be.

my leng lui ah yee

Always said ..Drunk before the show .But actually he never drinks alcohol also...

chap lei si ngan!!

this is call LAI SI NGAN lo hahahah


yeah~ group group

during the show

I have totally no idea of these few monkeys. For more pictures, refer to Facebook ^^
Good show today. Customers asked us to encore at the end of the show.. syiok nya~ woohooo
be one of us...
your regards: yumiko

Colleen's farewell and earlier bday celebration

Yeah~~We were having a farewell with colleen (one of our dancing family member)as she will be going to Singapore to work soon.. All of us decided to have a dinner at AKAMOMIJI japanese food.
Walan~~ not bad..the boss prince hoe belanja hahah ..actually There are alot of pictures and videos to upload but the line is having problems again.. lag~ and slow~ Check our facebook for more pictures. search (d'one studioz) thx ..
There are funny videos during the dinner ..hahahah
Enjoy ourselves.
After tat, part 2 was at club 9, but there was nobody there ..hahaha
a nice nite with u all ~
d'one dance studio ~ A big family n one I've always had
love you all ~
your regards : yumiko

Saturday, February 13, 2010

flash mob in ipoh parade 120210 - 2.12pm d'one dance studio

A big thank you for those who participated in the flash mob event
Around 40 people attended... although is very few but we had fun ~
First time and the best in Ipoh. It was a success.. Dance flash mob

The chairman - hoshi
the instructor - kiyoshi ( i dunno)
the camera man - So many
the video man - perry . susan .. and others who recorded
thanks for posts on youtube and the people who danced n enjoyed together!
for more pictures and videos:

facebook = search (d'one studioz)
youtube:dance flash mob ipoh parade
be one of us ..always be ..and the one
your regards: yumiko