Sunday, December 26, 2010


We have some changes for now about the class package

1: RM 60 per month , once a week , 1hour per class (only for classes marked*)
2: RM80 per month for break dance class...once a week , 2 hour per class..
separated to 2 (foundation and powermove) taught by bboy soulless and bboy soul end
3:RM 100 unlimited, same as the old package (only for ipoh gardent east HQ)

-The unlimited RM100 package is not applicable for the RM60 package. The same goes the other way. They are both separate packages.
-The unlimited class is only available at Ipoh Garden East HQ studio. The Pasir Puteh branch only provides RM 60 package and break dance RM 80 package.

MERRY X MAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all students and friends~

enjoy your classes with us in the year 2011~

your regards:
d'one dance management crew..

be one of us...