Tuesday, April 20, 2010

170410 hehe pub show

Yes~ There were 4 girls and 5 boys on the day.
3 set performance, 15minutes in each set~
hip hop+ popping + breakdance+ LA HH+ street jazz +sexy jazz+ wild jazz blablabla

Everyone's taking photos before the show started

please be serious la!

Did you see chung's expression? = =

Always being a promoter

yeah~ Last picture after our show!~

Monday, April 12, 2010

russell bday / kl & kuantan show

Sorry for the late updates because I have totally no idea how to put all pictures to my pc ==
Well well well kids~ Here are your b'day pictures. hahahah
It's not much but I can c your POSING have IMPROVED alot! hahah

Yeah~ russell DAI GOR ZAI LA happy b'day

yeng dou~

At KL show~ Everyone's tired ==

After that, makan dulu at the next station at Kuantan.. Everyone likes eating alot.. Eat non-stop ==


At 7-11~ Eating maggi mee (cup) again = =
Although it's just maggi mee n bread, we enjoy it.. sitting at 7-11 with air-con! This is most important.

We felt like a superstar that day.. sitting in a VIP class's carrrr~syio

Finally we arrived Kuantan parade.. Everyone was tired like hell.. But once we went to the hall n saw the board, it was worth it.
BEST OF D1 HIP HOP 2010 ..COOL MAN~ hahaha

I LOVE D1DS ( D1 dance studio)

Pictures everywhere again~~
Its been around 1 month already.. sorry for the late posts AGAIN hahaha
best regards: yumiko
be one of us..

110410 noel workshop penang

Well well well ..
From 4pm we traveled from Ipoh to Penang's D'VOL DANCE THEATER studio and we arrived around 6pm but the workshop was still going on for about an hour more.


Look at these 2 fellas ~Aeven is trying to warm up, gal style hahaha

yeah~~ 4 of us
You siao ah?~ so many students!
Group photo~

Whacking - Noel said:重要是摔和定。。(so we whacked until both our hands felt paralyzed = =“)

Reggae -Yumiko said: 柔和度~狂野 sakai 舞蹈 ,性感带点samba (That's because she saw everyone shake their heads n make their movements like sakai hahaha)

be one of us..

Monday, April 5, 2010

040410 ash ali new school workshop kl freedom dance studio

Here we are~!! Finally we have gotten the chance to attend Ash Ali's (from sg) workshop ~
He's quite cool man~~
This workshop was organized by WC - project element

3rd n 4th april
4 to 5 classes each day (every class was full already)

Pictures everywhere!
Want to see Ash Ali dance?