Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OCTOBER schedule

ya~ It's time for the schedule of October and there will be another new style coming for the month! GIRL'S STYLE from YUMIKO.. what are you waiting for ? come in and join !~~

some class announcements for October here
1:good news here, whichever student taking package A in September and still has the ticket in their hands, can continue using it in October classes.. as a replacement ..thanks

2: OPEN HOUSE , a day we choose to invite instructors from overseas to teach new element styles that can't be found in ipoh , stay tune~~

3: In October, all packages run as usual
package A = RM 80 for 10 classes
Package B = RM 100 for unlimited class
Package C = RM 15 for trial class

register fees RM 15

your regards:
d'one dance studio management crew..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Introduction of more new elements here

vogue , wacking , house mix with

wacking =

Its involves highly dynamic movements of the arms, which resemble the wrist roll in locking but more exaggerated and extended. This style of dance also incorporates sharp angular poses, which is called Vogueing, a style commonly done together with Wacking. Wacking is more frequently done by girls now and it can be danced to a wide genre of music from house to Hip Hop.

raggae =

This form of dance was inspired by the sound of the African Caribbean style of music developed on the island of Jamaica. It is identified for its lament-like style of chanting with an emphasis on the syncopated beat. This dance focuses on percussive hip movements accompanied by accurate isolations in the body

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Newer updates, FREE TICKETS!

First of all , I would like to congratulate floor digital from D'1 in getting into Astro Battleground's top16.

All you d'one students n members REMEMBER to support them ya ^^

Another new update, which is our 5 on 5 bboy battle night.

Wau~! As u know, famous crew will be the judge and performance guest on that night, not forgetting a bboy workshop from Famous crew on the 26th!

The astro battleground top16, floor digital, and the recent popular girl crew, Oh MY Goodness, will also be the performance guests of the night and so on ~!

And now, the good news!

What? RM27 for the entrance fees?? NO! FREE TICKETS given out here!! Remember to buy this season's yeah magazine, as u can get 2 tickets for the prive of 1 yeah!magazine.
On the 4th sept, this coming Saturday, we will be holding a tour show at Ipoh parade in front of kbox entrance!!
Our own FLOOR DIGITAL and Ipoh famous bboy crew, FRESH GANGz, will be performing on the day AND there will be some easy games to play, some easy questions to be answered to get the FREE TICKETS for 25th 5on5 bboy battle~!!

What are you waiting for ?!!

date: 4th sept, this saturday
time: 12 noon
venue: ipoh parade kbox entrance

for more information
0165962830 /0164115320

from d'one dance studio management crew