Tuesday, August 24, 2010


YES! Here comes our new schedule again!!!
This month, there will be a new element style, which is KRUMPING!~
Yeah!!!! Krump the floor!!
Come on and join us! Join Kiyoshi's class~!

class fees:
package A: RM80
10 classes per month
Come for any 10 classes within 1 month on your preference, without having to fix any element or class, BUT BASED ON THE SCHEDULE GIVEN.

package B: RM100
UNLIMITED CLASS !! Yeah , all week long. You can come to any class you would like to join, any day you want.

package C: RM 15 (trial class)
Each student is only eligible to 2 trials. This is suitable for those who doesn't know which element to take up. You will have a trial with one of our instructors and he will tell you what kind of element style you are most suitable with.

p/s : You can only attend classes at the studio which you register in. You are not allowed to attend classes in both branches if you have only registered for one. Thank you.

from D'ONE DANCE STUDIO management crew

Monday, August 16, 2010

07 , 08 , 09-08 -10 KUCHING show n workshop

pic around around~~

got kicked in the hotel 18xx
da da da da ~~
yellow face

yoyo! krazee duck

Teaching some dance moves

our journey~