Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some examples of MTV CLASS

We would like to share what we will be teaching you in our upcoming MTV classes. Take a look!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

ELECOLDXHOT's workshop coming IN JUNE~

Come and make your reservation now!
Do take note that the venue has been changed to Ipoh Garden East!

050610 Learning of the night

It was a very successful gathering night.
Although we have set the limit to 50 people, almost 100 people attended the gathering.
People from sharing the elements, to Cypher, to taking photos.
No doubt everybody enjoyed themselves this night.
Yeah! Be confident, show yourself and dance with us~
Sweat with us too ==" LOLS~
Do take a look at the pictures and videos below~

Friday, June 4, 2010


Learning of the night
Have a night gathering with D'one studio's students and members, not forgetting the outsiders .
Recently, many people misunderstand what street dance is.
Therefore, we will try to let everyone from Ipoh to get more knowledge about street dance.
D'one will also be giving trial classes as there will be some new element dance classes. ^^

Besides that, we will be having a small Cypher session after the short course .
This means that students and even outsiders who don't know anything about dancing will have the chance to show themselves!

Yes! Showmanship ~ Bravery~ Confidence~
Those are the first things you need to have while you dance!~
Just show yourself and dance with the rhythm! Dance with us!

After, we will have a small dinner together and talk ..~

What?!! With just RM5, I get to learn so much of elements and yet still get to EAT?!!

Oh yeah, you got that right! The importance of this night is to let u know that we are not money minded. We would just like to get everyone who likes dancing or street dance to get the chance to share together and get to know one another!

RM5 is just to cover our expenses on food.~
So, what are u waiting for?
regards: yumiko