Monday, June 27, 2011


For all the student or people who want to learn dance..

start from JULY

Busy student class
- if u were busy but hope to get a dancing class, u could choose this
RM60 buy 4 card .. which is when u were free u only come for the class by paying thru the card..
byside u could choose other class as try if u like .. once come once pay...
* Minimum must buy RM 60 4 card of it ... ( u can buy as much as u want too!)

Crash course (GUY )
- we will starting a boy crash course as well , which is whenever you are newbie , bt hopefully to be a d'one dance studio dancer in short time , get your competition or performance experiance as well..
WEDNESDAY 730PM register now!~

Junior class
- woot!! we hav open some class jz for age in between 8 to 13 years old ..come and join now!!

Adult freestyle class
- which is a class that has we had set up some suitable move and step for those adult , there is easy and for some healthy excersize!~

what you waiting for?!! join us now!!

RM 60 per month (4 classes) for normal class
RM80 per month (4 classes) for break dance class - 2 hour per day
RM 15 register fees
RM 60 advance payment

be one of us!!~..

Monday, June 20, 2011