Tuesday, March 30, 2010

26th & 27th fair at ipoh parade

Wah~ We are back ..Sorry for not updating for so long.. We have been very busy and all the information were inside my phone but it couldn't transfer into my lap top.
However, I will try my best.

the leng lui with the nt leng zai hahaha

woo~ au yong la his name

You want to steal something ah!!

Wah! There are so many people here!


handsome hahaha


leng lui

yeah! be one of us

welcome to our destiny~!

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Monday, March 15, 2010


As usual, Elecoldxhot has always done a workshop at D'one dance studio.
This is the 3rd time they are here but because of the lack of time of promoting, the students that attended were not much.
However, we learnt alot of routines and styles like popping and LA hip hop
We also leant body control.. turning.. flow..etc..
Thanks to LEON n BILLY YAP( hahah he don't like us putting the YAP )

warm up warm up

what is billy doing

The other people who didn't dance ..what are they doing? PSP? music??

OMG! Who is dis ? hahahhaa Aross..the Elecoldxhot management person

pop that body

That's Taiwanese style. Billy was sharing a popping style which he learnt from Taiwan after being on a Taiwan trip

Leon after workshop, resting

Leon said: "I'm so ugly la after dancing, u still capture my photo"

yumiko said : "I want to let people see Leon's ugly side. hahaha"

Surprise for Billy, the b'day boy !! hahaha..

He was asking "Who bao dai wok here ! How do u all know my bday?"

Don't know leh ~~ videos coming soon..stay tuned hahahah

a lovely kiss for his gf muacks~ (disgusting)

your regards:


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Monday, March 8, 2010

06 & 070310 jusco digi roadshow

Yo~ yeah..

There was a Digi Roadshow at Jusco Kinta City on the 6th & 7th march..
There was a freeze mob(flash mob) on the 7th for 3min.
There was this girl that came out and hug together once the MC Froze.
What an amazing and marvelous pose..

A digi nurse @@
This kis is still young.. please forgive him..
opsss~ Supposed to be orange colour, why is it yellow? Digi show ma~ hahaha I WILL FOLLOW U..~

Mc dude~

There is actually a lot more pictures and videos. Sorry guys, we are having some internet problem so I can't upload what I want to upload. Lolzz. Stay tuned for more to come!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Schedule for both branches

D'one dance academy (pasir puteh branch)

NO 173A (second floor) ,jln chung ah meng, pasir puteh , 31650 ipoh perak.

monday 8pm breakdance(foundation)

9pm breakdance (powermove)

tuesday 8pm street jazz

wednesday 4pm hip hop

8pm hip hop

thursday 8pm break dance(foundation)

9pm break dance(powermove)

friday 7pm locking

8pm popping

D'ONE DANCE STUDIO( ipoh garden east HQ) wed 6pm freestyle
7pm *new street jazz
8pm street jazz
9pm popping

thurs 7.30pm hip hop
8.30pm hip hop
9.30pm MTV class

fri 3pm locking
8pm junior training

sat 4pm breakdance (foundation)
5pm breakdance (powermove)

4.30pm hip hop
6pm breakdance (foundation)
7pm breakdance(powermove)

your regards: yumiko

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Elecoldxhot workshop coming again TO IPOH!!

Elecoldxhot 's workshop is here again, organized by d'one dance studio
Prices are cheap
Instructors are professionals, handsome, nice, and funny
contact us : 0164115320 / 0165518343

date: 13th march 2010
time: 1pm to 230pm ( LA HIP HOP -LEON)
3pm to 430pm (POPPING -BILLY)
venue: d'one dance studio (Ipoh Garden East HQ)
PRICE:rm90 (2 element styles)

your regards: yumiko
be one of us....