Sunday, February 27, 2011


starting from march there will no longer be unlimited classes
the package for RM60 will continue on ...(4 classes per month )
u can choose your schedule with your friend after checking with the studio ..

Crash courses will be offered based on RM20 per class for 1 and a half hours..

street jazz will be starting back in MARCH! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!! RESERVE YOUR PLACE now..

reservations are available starting from now
1: hip hop
2: Locking
3: Tutting
4: girls hip hop

be one of us ...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

360 DANCE EXPO 2011

360 Dance Expo 2011 is the first advanced dance exposition organized by D'ONE DANCE STUDIO and MCA in Malaysia. The exposition on 28th may 2011 will gather most of the skillful dancers and people who has the same interest around Malaysia. The most famous dancing crews and those who have champion titles in their dancing career will be invited to be the guest performers. Such great performances could lead to a great anticipation of audience.

Besides participants from Ipoh, there are dancers from foreign regions, such as Singapore, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, etc. Therefore, publicity and events will be organized at Kampar, Ipoh Parade, Kinta City and other locations with a crowd to promote this exposition.

The design of the stage will be 360 degrees, opened to all audiences. This means that the dancers should create their own dancing moves that can be shown in every angle to ensure all the audiences have their view taken care of. There will be a raving area on the stage for audience to have a better view on the performances of dancers.

This stage design could be a breakthrough for dancers as they must have their dancing and choreographing technique improved to take care of the vision from every angle.

The design and decoration of the venue will be majority of a circle to suit the theme of 360 degrees.

EXPECTED DANCE CREWS (for further changes)

freshype (KL)



floor fever (KL)

Soul Krazy (KL)





DATE: 11th june
VENUE: Sunway city ipoh , Extreme park

Ticket Price:
ROCK 摇滚区 (500pcs only) RM35 each
Normal : RM15 each

Ticket Selling Station :
catch us up ~

1: D'one dance studio (ipoh garden east HQ) 0165972215

2: D'one dance academy (Pasir puteh branch ) 0165962830

3: IPOH PARADE KBOX entrance 12tgh - 3pm ONLY
9th to 15th /MAY

4:JUSCO KBOX entrance 12tgh - 3pm ONLY
14th and 15th / MAY

5:CLUB 9 & BARROOM ipoh 1030pm - 12am ONLY
6th ,7th , 20th , 21th , 27th, 28th /MAY


1: IPOH PARADE Converse Shop

2: IPOH PARADE Overkill shop

more information or tickets, kindly contact :
0165972215 / 0165962830 /0165518343 /0165472876

*stay tuned ! more info coming soon!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

290111 sitiawan street dance competition

the six champions~

woops~~ D'one! be one of us

congrats to all the winners

champion angpao~ (woah, his head is glowing)

050211 nin chor 3 bai nin XD

the new year , the new image for d'one dance studio~

sifu's house~
dis two people are playing with susan's animal hats ==
soooo ji luen~

thx to susan's mother for preparing us lunch~


oh!!!gambling!!huat ahhhh

gong xi fa cai~

040211 Chinese New Year at stadium indera mulia

kbox singer~

sab sab and miko

phine and aeven


happy rabbit year~!!

all the d'one members~~


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


想要成为一位出色的舞者? 在舞台上散发魅力?而且想在最短期内达成梦想?
-年龄16 - 30
-有耐力( 不可三分钟热度)

还等什么??! 现在就来报名吧!~
报名费(新人) RM15
学费为每堂课一次计算RM 20 (一小时半)

*训练没有分先后, 想几时加入都可以。。
*其他普通班及unlimited class与这个速成班没相连,所以学费不可参在一次计算。。
*每次上课的时候就要付费, 一堂付一次,不可拖延

时间/ 地点
每逢 星期三 7点 - 八点半 (ipoh garden east HQ)
8/2/2011 正式开始!!

成为D'one 的舞者后:
1: 可以和我们一起参与其他表演活动( 另外也会付回表演费给你)
2: 学院会帮你组队出外参加比赛以得取经验
3: 可以直接跳过学生考试,拿取舞蹈者的考试阶层
4: 帮助一些著名歌手或本地歌手做backup 舞蹈员
5: 如果进步得快,想拿取舞蹈老师的考试阶层都可以。。直接成为d'one dance studio 与 d'one dance academy 的舞蹈老师, 也可以进fitness embassy 教班。。拿取那边免费的设备。


Would you like to be a professional dancer, showing off your styles on stage? Perhaps thinking of achieving it in a short period of time? Here's your chance!

Here's some latest news for those girls interested! We will be training you up to a skillful professional dancer in a short period of time!

The requirements are:
16 - 30
-has her own transportation
-has patience and determination (doesn't give up half way)
-flexible in our schedules

What are you waiting for? Register now!
Registration fee (newbies) RM15
Every class RM 20 (1 1/2 hours)
*There's no expiry date for the training! Just join us whenever you want.
*There is no connection between this training class and the normal classes/unlimited classes, therefore the fees are to be paid separately.
*Payments should be paid after every class. Installments or late payments are not entertained.

Every Wednesdays 7pm - 8.30pm (ipoh garden east HQ)
Starting from 8/2/2011!!

After being one of us dancers,
1: You can join us in any performances( you will be paid accordingly to the performances)
2: You and your group will be enrolled into competitions to gain experience.
3: You are qualified as a dancer without going through the student level's exam.
4: You can get to be a backup dancer for local artists, or even those overseas!
5: You can even reach for higher goals, being an instructor in the studio or even Fitness Embassy after taking a small test. You will be entitled to use their facilities any time.